Castle Hayne Elementary

Week 2 took place at Castle Hayne Elementary School. We got to perform in front of great students. The students at Castle Hayne Elementary school are very respectful and kind. We thank the teachers and staff for allowing us to tell our stories!

International School at Gregory

Week 1 of the 2019 spring semester performances took our troupe to Wilmington’s International School at Gregory. Our troupe performed for some of the most well-behaved fourth and fifth-graders in town. What an amazing audience. The students flaunted their active listening skills as they respectfully listened to our stories, and then took place in discussion afterwards. It was a pleasure performing for these students, and the troupe looks forward to returning to the International School at Gregory in the future!

Abeer Zayyad

Hiiiii everyone! My name is Abeer Zayyad. I am a senior majoring in Communication Studies. This is my first storytelling class and I am super excited to perform some great stories for y’all! In my free time, I enjoy hanging with friends, and family! I love playing tennis and soccer in my free time. Can’t wait to meet you all !


Michael Webb

Hey y’all! My name is Michael Webb and I am a senior studying communication studies at UNCW! This is my second storytelling class, and I sure am excited! In my free time, I fix up old cars and spend time with my dog Molly!

Jeantal Cylla

Hey everyone, my name is Jeantal Cylla. I am a senior at UNCW and a Communication Studies Major. I am a first time story teller and cant wait to get started. I am a member of the UNCW Mens Basketball team! I dont have much free time because the Basketball season is pretty long. Cant wait to meet you all. Go Seahawks!


Sara Schimpf

Hello everyone! My name is Sara Schimpf. I am a senior majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Digital Arts. I hope to find a job that allows me to travel the world because I love taking adventures. In my free time, I enjoy going to the beach, hanging out with friends, painting, and playing with my two adorable dogs Macchiato and Ghengis. Macchiato is an aussiedoodle and Ghengis is standard poodle. Oh, did I mention I have a cat named Zelda? I guess you could call me an animal lover.


Ty Taylor

Hey everyone my name is Ty Taylor and i am currently a senior at UNCW. Recently joining the Hawk Tale Players I am extremely excited to come tell stories to all. Can’t wait to see you all there!

Action photo me.jpg

Myranda Tuck - Introduction

Hi everyone! My name is Myranda Tuck, and I’m a senior at UNCW majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Applied Behavior Analysis. My goal is to become a Speech Therapist in the future and work with kids! This is my second semester as a Storyteller, but my first time as a Hawk Tale Player. I’m so excited to develop a childhood story of my Mom’s into a fun, educational performance for students! A fun fact about me: I train assistance dogs through the paws4people/UNCW Assistance Dog Training Program 🐾

Josephine DeVita

Hi everyone, my name is Josephine DeVita. I am a senior at UNCW, majoring in communication studies. This is my first storytelling class, and I am very excited to be a part of the Hawk Tale Players troop! A fun fact about me: I am a musician! I play the piano, the drums, and I sing.


Samantha Denniston

Hi everyone! I'm Sam Denniston- I'm a senior at UNCW, studying Communication Studies and Creative Writing. This is my first time with the Hawk Tale Players. I love writing and telling stories, and I can't wait to learn more about adapting them into performances for kids. My classmates have shared such colorful experiences, so I'm excited to hear how they've been woven into tales!


Mary C Williams Elementary

This is Week 4 of Storytelling! This is Belinda in Paris performed by Haley Cissel. Haley is so amazing with the students and they thoroughly enjoy her story with the fun accents and characters. The students at Mary C Williams were incredibly kind and genuine and loved all of our students stories and their interactions. We thoroughly enjoyed performing for the students of Mary C Williams and cannot wait to return!

International School at Gregory

Week 3 of our storytelling troupes doing what they do best, telling stories! The kids thoroughly enjoyed the performances and were excited for each and every one. It was wonderful to see the happiness on the children’s faces as we told our stories. This is James O’Gara with his story, Hungry Hen by Richard Waring.

Winter Park Elementary School

Week 2 of everyone going out and sharing our wonderful stories to the kids. Going out and telling our stories to these kids have been a joy just to see and interact with these kids. They love our stories and we love to see the wonderful smiles on their faces. The kids were fun to be around, had lost of energy, and made our experiences even more enjoyable. Here is Jordan Bell performing his story to the Winter Park Elementary students.

College Park at Castle Hayne Elementary School

After lots of practice and a hurricane…we FINALLY got to perform our awesome stories for elementary school students! We had an absolute blast performing for the first time to multiple classrooms on a special day… Halloween!! Although eager to get home and fill their buckets with candy, ALL of the students were so interactive and asked great questions after each story ended. The students were extremely polite and thankful, and each teacher gave our performers effective feedback. We had such an amazing first week with the best school, teachers, and students!

Here is a clip of one of our favorite stories this year, The Paper Bag Princess, by Robert Munsch, performed by storyteller Chris Rivoli.


My name is Nathan Zak and I am a proud Hawktale Player for UNCW.  I grew up in Harnett County NC for nearly my entire childhood.  After graduating high school I attended Sandhills Community College for 3 semesters.  I needed a change in my life and decided to transfer to UNCW.  Moving to Wilmington is the best decision I have made so far.  Initially, I chose the class to fulfill my second COM 400 level requirement.  The first few weeks I honestly dreaded the class.  I struggled to find motivation and see how the class would benefit me in the future.  I grinded it out and did what I could to keep up with my peers.  After my first performance at an elementary school I realized why Dr. Scott and many others were so enthusiastic about the course and what we do.  I learned how to step out of my comfort zone and truly connect with an audience.  Seeing the reactions and the pure joy in the kids’ faces is definitely worthwhile.  I have learned a lot about myself because of this class and view myself as a much stronger public speaker.




Hello, everyone!

My name is Robert Wilson and I am a senior here at UNCW. I will be an Alum of this fine university in May. I believe my COM degree provided the firm foundation I will need as I enter my next endeavor of attending law school. Aside from the enjoyment I receive from being a Hawk Tale Player, I enjoy working on cars and spending time with my children. During my quiet times at home, I enjoy listening to analog music (jazz) only as a true audiophile should. Yep, vinyl is where my heart and ears reside. Time permitting, I take great pleasure in gardening and general landscaping. As a student of Dr. Scott, I have learned to escape from my safe zone. Having had the pleasure to experience her wealth of knowledge in the field of public performance, I now understand the fear of public performance can be a useful emotion. Especially if, it’s used as a motivator to overcome.