UNCW Storyteller of the Week!


Nathanael Tyre is a Communication Studies Major & Senior at UNCW. He began taking Performance classes at the University his Sophomore year and has continued to grow in this atmosphere. During his Junior year Nathanael participated in the 2015 Storyteller's Troupe at UNCW, this experience brought him motivation to continue the study of Storytelling in 2016 as an Assistant Director. Outside of the classroom, Nathanael uses his storytelling skills to advance his career in Music Performance & Production. For him, Music & Storytelling (along with efficient Communication) go hand in hand. In his opinion, some of the most dynamic & effective songs in history have an in depth story plot. Nathanael will continue to perform Storytelling Music throughout his Senior year in venues across the United States and Wilmington, NC. He is patiently waiting for Graduation in the Summer of 2017 & his out of college experience as an Artist.