Hawk Tale Player of the Week: Alejandro Lopez

Now this is a story all about how his life got flipped turned upside down. We’d like to take a minute just listen to us speak, tell you all about how Alejandro became the Hawk Tale Player of the Week. 

Having been a Hawk Tale Player in the past, Alejandro is ecstatic to come back this year as assistant director and is looking forward to sharing more stories to the Wilmington community!

Born in Colombia, South America and immigrating to the United States by the age of four, Alejandro grew up and lived in Charlotte, NC most of his life. Whenever he isn’t working at Journeys selling socks or doing schoolwork, Alejandro is managing his local clothing brand, Good Fortunes Apparel. As a Sophomore student and Communication Studies major here at UNCW Alejandro, Alejandro loves making people happy and meeting new people. 


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