Hello, everyone!

My name is Robert Wilson and I am a senior here at UNCW. I will be an Alum of this fine university in May. I believe my COM degree provided the firm foundation I will need as I enter my next endeavor of attending law school. Aside from the enjoyment I receive from being a Hawk Tale Player, I enjoy working on cars and spending time with my children. During my quiet times at home, I enjoy listening to analog music (jazz) only as a true audiophile should. Yep, vinyl is where my heart and ears reside. Time permitting, I take great pleasure in gardening and general landscaping. As a student of Dr. Scott, I have learned to escape from my safe zone. Having had the pleasure to experience her wealth of knowledge in the field of public performance, I now understand the fear of public performance can be a useful emotion. Especially if, it’s used as a motivator to overcome.