My name is Nathan Zak and I am a proud Hawktale Player for UNCW.  I grew up in Harnett County NC for nearly my entire childhood.  After graduating high school I attended Sandhills Community College for 3 semesters.  I needed a change in my life and decided to transfer to UNCW.  Moving to Wilmington is the best decision I have made so far.  Initially, I chose the class to fulfill my second COM 400 level requirement.  The first few weeks I honestly dreaded the class.  I struggled to find motivation and see how the class would benefit me in the future.  I grinded it out and did what I could to keep up with my peers.  After my first performance at an elementary school I realized why Dr. Scott and many others were so enthusiastic about the course and what we do.  I learned how to step out of my comfort zone and truly connect with an audience.  Seeing the reactions and the pure joy in the kids’ faces is definitely worthwhile.  I have learned a lot about myself because of this class and view myself as a much stronger public speaker.